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Weekend News and Notes: Montrezl Harrell- Impromptu fireman

A major blog breaks down Xavier's conference schedule, Marquette tries to bounce back, and Montrezl Harrell kicks car windows.

"I'll save you!!"
"I'll save you!!"
Elsa/Getty Images

Xavier news:

Conference Schedule Analysis: Xavier Musketeers - Big East Coast Bias
"One day, having DePaul on the schedule will not signal a time to relax. Today is not that day." Well, maybe for most teams but Xavier did manage to lose to the Blue Demons last year. Click through to see how the author figures Xavier lands at 11-7 in the Big East.

Big East news:

Top 10 teams expecting bounce-back seasons in 2015-16 season - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
Top of the list comes Marquette and their coach Steve Wojosomethingski. The Big East is a better conference when the Golden Eagles are decent, something they weren't last year. Other Xavier opponents also appear on this list.

Around basketball:

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says NCAA sanctions against him, team are excessive
Jim Boeheim is whining about something? I can't process this. The man famous for the stiff upper lip is speaking out against a perceived injustice? This is shocking! As per the norm, Boeheim is being his not at all charming mix of simpering, classless, and smug. The sooner he and his YMCA defense are off the college basketball map, the better.

Syracuse coach-in-waiting recovering from body-surfing injury -

Purdue is bringing bully ball back to the Big Ten -
Oh good, college basketball had gotten way to fast paced, high scoring, and interesting for my tastes. What we need is a Big Ten team dedicated to turning it into an imitation of NFL concussion ball played on hardwood. Hopefully, the rules changes are enacted seriously enough that anything called "bully ball" has no chance of success.

Ex-Louisville star Montrezl Harrell helps save person in smoking car -
My guess that when Montrezl Harrell kicks a car window, it stays kicked. There are good Samaritans, and then there are good Samaritans that are a walking wall of muscle. Good on Harrell for using his athletic prowess to potentially save a life.

San Diego State commit discusses negative recruiting |
It's only been a disputed rumor, but the vultures are already circling at SDSU. If you though that college basketball was anything other than cutthroat business, this should disabuse you of that notion.