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Does Xavier need Trevon Bluiett to be an alpha dog?

Jon Rothstein wonders if he can. I wonder if he needs to.

Trevon and some whiny dude.
Trevon and some whiny dude.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed it earlier today, Jon Rothstein tweeted regarding Trevon's sputtering end to his freshman season. So far, fair play to him. He then questioned whether or not Xavier could rely on Bluiett as an alpha dog this season.

Leaving aside for the moment whether or not Xavier can, I think the more pertinent question is if they have to.

Trevon generally operates in one of two roles for Xavier. The first is as an off-ball option on the perimeter. You're not going to inbound the ball to Trevon and run ball screen or clear out action for him, but he has shown his ability to find space on the floor and make buckets happen in the flow of the game.

He also works as a stretch four or sometimes just the second biggest Musketeer on the floor. He can work over smaller defenders or around bigger ones with an impressive variety of moves on the high and low posts.

Trevon is certainly capable of getting buckets when his number is called, but I don't think Xavier needs him to be the one running off the picket fence every time there's a big spot. Myles Davis has shown the desire and ability to be that guy on the perimeter. Jalen Reynolds is the first dog the Muskies want to let eat on the post. Trevon's value lies in his efficiency and his opportunism. As long as he's continuing to do the things he does and doing them well, he'll be all the alpha dog Xavier needs him to be