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Friday News and Notes loves Trevon Bluiett

Trevon Bluiett poised for a breakout, John Calipari hilariously snubbed, and a Xavier opponent gets a little bit weaker.

Is he calling timeout? Do they have any?
Is he calling timeout? Do they have any?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier news:

Back procedure to sideline Michigan guard Zak Irvin 6-8 weeks |
One of Xavier's big games this year is an early season matchup against Michigan. The Wolverines minus Irvin are an entirely different matchup. Irvin went for 14.3/4.8/1.5 on .402/.355/.697 shooting in 36 minutes per game last year. Without him, Michigan is playing without a cog they had for every single game. Even if Irvin is back, he likely won't be anywhere near his best.

Big East 2015-16 schedule release: New Year's marathon to take place on January 2 - Big East Coast Bias
Once again, college football is ruining everything. Xavier plays at 1pm in the new Jan 2nd (a Saturday) sort of season opening marathon for the Big East. Not wanting to compete with the college football playoff is likely the motivation for the move, but a second game of the season marathon isn't nearly as entertaining or exciting.

Get Ready to Know Xavier's Trevon Bluiett- Today's U
Today's U isn't breaking any new ground here, but it's a brief little look that may get you even more excited about Trevon Bluiett's upcoming season.

Across basketball:

Memphis cancels plans to honor John Calipari for Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame induction
This is just awesome. Two days ago, Memphis announced a plan to honor John Calipari at a banquet. Memphis fans, rightfully upset that college basketball's leading cheater caused their best season to be vacated, threw a massive fit at the idea of seeing Calipari back near campus. There was so much social media and real media protestation that, less than a day after it was announced, the banquet was cancelled. That's beautiful. Well done Memphis fans. Take note, Kentucky, you're next.

Reigning champs Duke visit President Obama at the White House -
No political statement here, but why not invite the team to the White House a little bit closer to their winning the championship? It's been almost six months since Duke knocked off Wisconsin, and they're just now getting their obligatory White House tour. No doubt it was still very cool, the timing just seems a little odd.

Rex Chapman pleads guilty in Apple Store shoplifting case
This is just sad.