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August is the February of the summer

February sucks. August might be even worse.

Stand up if you're hyped to get back to class!
Stand up if you're hyped to get back to class!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

February is the worst month of the winter primarily because it's approximately 80 days of a 37 degree drizzle. The best thing about February, though, is conference basketball season. At least the unremitting misery of the weather is in some sense mitigated by the onrushing delights promised by March.

August is kind of the same thing, except with heat. I can't identify with the mind that enjoys August weather. It is a stultifying mixture of heat and humidity that makes being outside a study in hydration science. I don't enjoy it, is what I'm saying.

There is one redeeming factor in August, and that is the beginning of the school year. What a treat for everyone between 6 and 22, I know, but for those of whose lives have probably already peaked, the beginning of school means basketball season is right around the corner.

Hang in there, fellow haters of summer, because it's almost over. Preseason conditioning checks are done and practice and scrimmages are beginning. Before you know it, you'll need a coat in the morning and the Muskies will be back on the court.