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Monday News and Notes: Tom Crean is clueless

Tom Crean knows what is ruining college sports, and it's all these kids that insist on playing.

Augh! Kids! Run!
Augh! Kids! Run!
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Hoosiers coach Tom Crean questions leadership after Emmitt Holt, Thomas Bryant citations
Forgive me, but when I think of a college basketball program I think of the coach as the leader. Of course, I'm wrong, because none of the recent spate of arrests at Indiana are Tom Crean's fault. If only these 18-19 year old kids could learn to take care of themselves, make perfect decisions, and require no adult supervisions, Tom would be much better off. Just remember, it isn't the adults fault, it's the kids.

Cody Zeller, Indiana president speak out against recent athlete legal issues | CollegeBasketballTalk
Guess who gets blamed here? Yes, it's the kids again. I'm all for personal responsibility, but at some point the people who are supposedly supervising the teams and the campus should accept some responsibility. If course they don't, because it's the fault of these few bad kids and the media. Is Indiana just one big Animal House?

Akron coach Keith Dambrot to chair rules committee for next two years -
I've been listening to Dambrot's postgame press conferences for the last two years and he seems articulate and knowledgeable about the game. Right now, things are in transition and Dambrot seems like the kind of guy who can intelligently analyze the impact the rules changes make. It should be noted that Dambrot threw his starting point guard off the team right before the conference tournament for a run in with the law, something Tom Crean apparently doesn't know is an option.

Inside College Hoops: Ex-BC guard hoping NCAA will 'do what's right' -
I'll give you a hint buddy, they won't.

A Bulldog's battle -
Former Butler center Andrew Smith reveals his cancer has returned -
This is just sad. Coach Mack tweeted out his support earlier this week, and we join him in expressing that sentiment. Best wishes to Smith on his road to a hopeful recovery.