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Edmond Sumner's knees seem healthy, and LAJ can really get up

November can't get here soon enough.

Like this, but dunkier.
Like this, but dunkier.
Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


This looks like the work of healthy knees. For the record, that's behind-the-back (and under his hind end) from right to left while in the air on the first one, a fairly standard catch and windmill on the second one, then behind the back from left to right on the anchor leg. This guy might be a point guard, which is insane.

Of course, LAJ was also there and showing off the 40" vertical:

Those both look a little garden variety compared to what Ed was doing, but I'll take it from one of the other guys who might be the point guard.

I came up in the days of Gary Lumpkin, Mo Mac, and Lionel Chalmers. Having a guy on the ball who might conceivably one day run through traffic and put someone on a poster kind of blows my mind. It's a brave new world, X fans, and I like it.