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Xavier no longer recruiting Kobi Simmons

As reported by the entire internet...

"I am filled with chagrin..."
"I am filled with chagrin..."
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Or maybe Kobi Simmons is no longer interested in attending Xavier. Either way, the bottom line is the same: Xavier is out of contention for a top 10 recruit.

Simmons is visiting UNLV on September 4th, which many of you may recognize as the day he was supposed to be taking an official visit to Xavier. There is no indication from either side that Simmons will reschedule his visit to Xavier; all signs point to this being the end of that particular road.

While this obviously comes as a disappointment to Xavier fans, we shouldn't forget that X already has a commitment from top 100 2016 PG Quentin Goodin. Goodin is not viewed as quite the caliber player that Simmons is - few are - but he is still a piece that most schools would love to land.

The Musketeers still have recruiting to do before the 2016 class closes (obviously), so this is far from a death knell on that front. Top 100 Maryland native Markelle Fultz and JuCo All-American Jaylen Barford are still in the mix at the guard position, and a host of talent forwards remain on Xavier's big board right now.

The 2016 class will still likely be a very good one for Xavier; it just doesn't appear that Kobi Simmons will be a part of it.