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Weekend News and Notes

A look at the hard to believe but completely real 24 hour college basketball tip-off marathon.

Dezmyn Trent driving, but not shooting.
Dezmyn Trent driving, but not shooting.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We'll start with a bit of Xavier housekeeping.

Great Games in Xavier History: 2010 Sweet 16 - Banners On The Parkway
First, we spent the week reliving and recapping the 2010 Sweet 16 game against Kansas State. It was nice to watch and write about real basketball, even if it had already happened and the outcome was never in doubt.

Xavier confirms non-conference slate - Banners On The Parkway
Secondly, Xavier's non-conference games are all set. The Big East will, unless major changes are in the works, tip off on New Year's Eve again. This is what will happen before then.

2015 college hoops tipoff marathon schedule and highlights -
2015 24-hour college hoops marathon: Schedule, top games to watch -
On the topic of things tipping off, there is a 24 hour college basketball marathon to start the season this year. How they got teams to start games at 4am and 6am is beyond me, but it's happening. Both of these articles contain a full list of games and a a look at the best matchups.

Tom Izzo, 30 second shot clocks, and why zone presses will be more popular this year | CollegeBasketballTalk
If you needed more evidence that the 30 second shot clock wasn't going to help offense, here it is. Look for even more ugly sets and one on one game than last year.

Arkansas Razorbacks part way with forward Jacorey Williams after forgery arrest
Boise State Broncos dismiss Dezmyn Trent after drive-by shooting
Alabama Crimson Tide basketball signee Kobie Eubanks not cleared to enroll
That's the roll call of players in trouble this week. Some credit to Eubanks, his is just a schooling issue. Also, some credit to Jacorey Williams for breaking new ground by being charged with forgery. Sadly, Dezmyn Trent stayed very prosaic and was arrested for a drive by shooting.

Eubanks is of some interest to Xavier fans in that he figured to have a role playing for Alabama, Xavier's opponent in the AdvoCare Invitational. He won't be now. While that helps Xavier's chances of a win, it may hurt the value of that win down the road.

Syracuse Orange down to 10 scholarship players after Moustapha Diagne exits
Only in the bizarre world of the NCAA can you choose when and how to take your punishment.