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What are the roster implications for Xavier with Quentin Goodin committing?

Answer the vague questions floating around the internet.

I like this dude and want to see him stick around at Xavier.
I like this dude and want to see him stick around at Xavier.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With Quentin Goodin having committed, Xavier is looking like they are in a strong position early in the 2016 class. It's all speculation until the pen hits an LOI, but we've been hearing some of the same questions about the signing, so let's take a moment to address them here.

What does this mean for Kobi Simmons and/or Markelle Fultz?

Basically nothing. Neither of those two guys is going to be worried about playing time when they sign, whether it's at Xavier or elsewhere. The Musketeers are still in hard on both of them, and there's still the same chances that one of them lands in Cintas. Goodin's commitment to Xavier means that he is comfortable with the potential that one of those two guys also lands on the roster and he has to get in where he fits in early on. The potential odd man out here is Xavier Simpson, who pushed back his commitment date and now may find himself heading elsewhere.

What is the scholarship situation?

Some people are hearing that Xavier is now out of scholarships for the 2016 season. While that is technically true, that includes Tim Stainbrook's scholarship. As he is a former walk-on, I wouldn't guess we'd see that renewed if Coach Mack keeps landing recruits. The frees up 1 scholarship, which is the number we're working with right now. There's also the potential that Jalen Reynolds - who will turn 23 during the season - will forgo his final year of eligibility and head to the NBA or overseas. There's also always the possibility that a player grows disillusioned with his role on the team and transfers out. The coaching staff is paid good money to keep tabs on these things, so the recruiting situation will reflect what they feel is going on behind closed doors.

What are we going to do with all these guards?

This is a really good question. The 2016 roster will have Myles Davis, JP Macura, Larry Austin, Jr., Edmond Sumner, Quentin Goodin, and potentially one of Fultz and Simmons looking to fit into two back court positions. Macura is capable of handling the three, but that's about all the further Coach Mack can go to ease back court congestion with that collection of talent. It's a good problem to have, but a problem all the same.