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Classic Xavier game coverage: We have a winner

It might have been a loss, but the 2010 Xavier-Kansas State game, no doubt powered by the iconic Gus Johnson call, won our poll for full coverage.

That's 35 feet of pure magic.
That's 35 feet of pure magic.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Classic Poll

There were only 68 votes tallied, but the classic 2010 "Crawford's gotta hurry" game was our winner. In case you are somehow wondering why I call it that, well, start this clip around 1:20. 

Coverage of the game will include a look at the season to that point, a preview, a full recap of the game, and a boxscore breakdown. Unfortunately, the game that seems most iconic to this generation of fans (at least of the choices I gave) was a loss. Crawford's heroics, and a massive game from Tu Holloway, weren't quite enough to overcome the two seed #7 in the nation Wildcats.

As a mildly interesting aside, Xavier played a double overtime game and got a grand total of 49 bench minutes. 19 of those came from the working class hero, Andrew Taylor. Not factoring significantly in our coverage of the game will be names like Kenny Frease, Mark Lyons, and Brad Redford. Ultimately though, who didn't play did not matter as much as who did. Stay tuned as we relive one of the great games in Xavier history.