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Freshman orientation at Banners will tell you what you need to know about Xavier basketball

Forget remembering where the cafeteria is or what you did with your syllabi; this is the important stuff.

This is important, too
This is important, too
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Hello, new college student, and welcome to Xavier. You have no doubt been inundated with information surrounding your arrival on campus that is supposed to help you settle in and feel at home from day one. Someone has probably told you what building your major department occupies, where you can go to eat, and what the basic rules of the campus are. You've probably also been pointed to the Cintas Center, introduced to the idea of D'Artangan, and maybe even exposed to that weird blue blob and had someone explain to you what it is and why it exists.

That stuff might be nice for putting you on the path to passing your classes and surviving the transition to college, but here at Banners we're committed to giving you the really important information: stuff about the basketball program. You can't integrate on campus without it, so think of us as your guides to getting you up to speed from the word go. Get acquainted with the team via our series on last year's most clutch (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) [and un-clutch (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)] moments and our look at how we're going to replace the production that graduated. Get to know the players a bit better by checking their report cards from last year and reading up on where each of them projects to go next in their development. You can also take a look at how Coach Mack has recruited in the past and stay up to speed on his most recent efforts on that front.

You've also arrived right on the cusp of our annual review of the schedule, in which we will review the offseason activities of the other teams in the Big East and give a quick but informative rundown of each opponent on the non-conference docket. So welcome to Xavier and welcome to Banners. Take a look around, get comfortable, and register for an ID so you can get busy in the comments section. By the time Makinde London is juggling and then dunking three basketballs at this year's Musketeer Madness, we'll have you up to speed and ready for the season.