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Monday News and Notes: Justice comes for Greg Oden

Greg Oden fails out of the US, John Calipari flaunts his cheating, and one more chance to pick a classic Xavier game.

Justin Cage, not being fouled.
Justin Cage, not being fouled.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Which classic Xavier game would you like us to cover? - Banners On The Parkway
It's summer, but that doesn't mean that we have to completely skip the excitement of a great Xavier game. Vote here for which classic game you'd like to see get the full Banners treatment. Expect this story to run later this week.

Greg Oden to China: Former top pick signing with Jiangsu Dragons - NBA -
Greg Oden has been reaping the karmic rewards of his two handed shove of Justin Cage ever since the 2007 season ended. The NBA didn't pan out for the big man from OSU initially and multiple returns haven't either. Now, Oden will trundle over to China to peddle his extremely limited basketball wares.

J.J. Frazier of Georgia Bulldogs arrested on driving charges
Illini junior forward Darius Paul suspended after arrest in France -
Just a thought, but maybe if you want to have a good time don't combine alcohol with going out in public. College players continue to get in trouble by making very simple mistakes regarding infractions of the law. Get a DD, stay inside, or do something other than getting completely hammered. Anyway, these guys have once again damaged their team's seasons by being ignorant.

Columnist, TV host compares John Calipari to Sonny Corleone | CollegeBasketballTalk
Two things to note from this column: Raphielle Johnson doesn't know how to spell "cachet" and John Calipari is every bit as big a tool as you've imagined him to be. Calipari lands recruits because he gives them improper benefits and he's done it everywhere he's gone. It's easy to get your guy when you cheat.

Bo Ryan of Wisconsin Badgers 'not totally sure' he'll retire after 2015-16 season
This story here as a juxtaposition.

UNC reports new violations to NCAA that should delay infractions case -
The Tar Heels have gotten to the point where they are now timing the release of their information so it has the most benefit to them. I guess if it turns out you've been running a corrupt program for a decade, you might as well get what you can from it.

Sneaker Wars between Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are burning hotter than ever -
Back in the late 90s the Sneaker Wars reached the point where what you were wearing to pay was very nearly as important as how well you could play. Nearly 20 years later, things are heating up again. For the record, I'm an Adidas man.