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Which classic Xavier game would you like us to cover?

It's summer, but that doesn't mean that we have to completely skip the excitement of a great Xavier game. Vote here for which classic game you'd like to see get the full Banners treatment.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

We have, at least for the last four years, been trying to cover Xavier basketball games to the utmost degree. We do recaps, boxscore breakdowns, and a full story stream on each game. That, however, only extends for the last four years. Not that long ago, I took a look at one of my very favorite games of all time, the win over West Virginia during the 2008 Elite Eight run. That game saw BJ Raymond bury a three pointer deep into overtime and seal a win for Xavier. In addition to being one of my favorite moments as a fan, it was a lot of fun to rewatch and write about.

So, as the summer drags on and another weekend with temperatures in the 90s beckons, I'd like to know which other games you'd like to see us go back in time and give the Banners treatment. With the caveat that it may take me a bit of time to find film and documentation on all of them, I'll write about the winner of this little poll as if it just happened yesterday. Here are the candidates:

2004: Xavier 79-71 Texas

Xavier advances to their first Elite Eight behind 27 points from Romain Sato. This game was the culmination of The Run that saw Xavier rip off four wins in four days just to qualify for the NCAA tournament. The dream ended at the hands of Duke two days later, but this game was the high water mark for the program to that point.

2010: Kansas State 101-96 Xavier

"Crawford's gotta hurry!" Do I need to say anything else? This game ended with a Xavier loss but was one of those games where fans of both teams remember it with a degree of fondness. Jordan Crawford gets a lot of the credit for this one, as he should, but a young point guard name Terrell also stamped his arrival on the scene with his typical calm swagger.

2006: Xavier 62-61 St. Joseph's

The only way the 2006 Xavier team was going to the NCAA tournament was to win the Atlantic 10 tournament. Doing that would require becoming the first team in Division I history to win four games in four days two times. When Justin Cage leapt to block a shot with under a second left on the clock, the Musketeers did just that.

2007: Ohio State 78-71 Xavier

Foul or defend? Sean Miller got in wrong in this one in a game that should never have made it this far. One of the worst calls in Xavier history saw Greg Oden escape a what could have been a game-clinching technical for throwing Justin Cage out of bounds.

2009: Xavier 83-79 UC (2OT)

Back before The Fight, this was considered a contentious Shootout. Marred by several incidents, this game went into two extra periods before it was decided. A trio of talented guards led the Musketeers, Dante Jackson fought everyone he could find, and Jason Love came up big.

Those are the five choices I have so far. If you'd like to see another game covered, drop us a line in the comments with your suggestion. If you just want to read some great coverage of anything that has happened since late 2010, our full archives are available right here.