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Midweek News and Notes

Guard your virtue around Norwood Teague, guard your wallet around Justin Moss, and guard the rules around Wichita State.

Justin Moss, employing a distraction technique.
Justin Moss, employing a distraction technique.
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Golden Gophers AD Norwood Teague resigns amid sexual harassment allegations
Former University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague was subject in two gender discrimination settlements dating to 2012
University of Minnesota asks for more possible sexual harassment victims of ex-AD Norwood Teague to come forward

That's three different stories about the same thing. Maybe acting like an adult on a college campus is difficult, maybe Norwood Teague just loves the ladies and alcohol, maybe this kind of thing is more widespread. Regardless of the reasons you may have heard about why this happened, the fact that it was well-publicized is the first step in eradicating reprehensible behavior.

Now, to the sports side of this. Will Minnesota lose potential basketball scholarships? The program has been rebuilding recently in both basketball and football and made strides on the hardwood last year before slipping to a 6-12 conference record. It could be that the actions of one lecherous old man ruin all that.

Xavier Musketeers - The Enquirer - November 27, 1996
As a follow up to what I wrote earlier today about becoming a full blooded Xavier fan, I came across this article. I won't spoil the story by revealing it here, but I didn't realize a Xavier player had made a guarantee before one of the iconic games of this generation.

Wichita State's latest commitment comes with minor NCAA violation -
I don't like Wichita State at all, but the application of these rules and self-sanctions is arbitrary at best. 

Buffalo's Justin Moss, the MAC Player of the Year, accused of theft -
For those of us in MAC land last year, Buffalo was a fun team to follow last year. Justin Moss and his 17.5/9.2/.6 were a large part of that. Buffalo has already had some major losses this off season, but losing Moss would overshadow all of those.

Cal freshman Ivan Rabb’s body transformation (PHOTO) | CollegeBasketballTalk
This is how you get in shape in college basketball.