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Xavier Simpson is going somewhere else, recruiting is weird

College basketball programs rise and fall on the whims of 17-year-old dudes.

The face of a man really good at persuading high school boys.
The face of a man really good at persuading high school boys.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This likely isn't news to you, but Xavier Simpson will likely not be attending Xavier University.

Since Quentin Goodin committed to X, it has been clear that Xavier Simpson was no longer a priority or even an option for the Musketeers. His recruitment by other schools has ramped into high gear, with Indiana throwing out an official offer and Iowa State hosting an official visit. It wasn't that long ago that he was going to announce a commitment and Xavier was the prohibitive favorite to land him. We even spent some time looking at whether a player of his height could make his bones in the Big East.

Then Simpson pushed back his commitment, Goodin committed on his visit, and the rest is history. Simpson tore up the summer circuit in AAU ball; it's clear that someone is going to land a very talented, very productive point guard. It's just not going to be X.

Recruiting is a weird, interconnected web of happenings. As any high school girl can tell you, the mental state of a high school boy is not something you want to bank your 2017 plans on. Then the vacillations of a dude halfway across the continent generate seismic ripples that are felt in the fan base of your favorite team, for better or for worse.

Anyway, all that to say that following recruiting is often more frustrating than fruitful. It's worth keeping an eye on though, because Kobi Simmons is eventually going to go to college somewhere, and whether or not that school ends up being Xavier might well hinge on where some point guard who isn't even on your radar decides to play.