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Thursday News and Notes with Andy and Randy Kennedy

Punching women is never good, underage drinking is rarely good, and Andy Kennedy has some fun. Plus, how to follow Xavier players in the NBA Summer League.

Andy Kennedy doing what UC coaches do, lose to Xavier.
Andy Kennedy doing what UC coaches do, lose to Xavier.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you are looking to stay up with Xavier players trying to make it in the NBA, here are the links for their summer league statistics pages: - NBA 2015 Summer League Player Info Semaj, - NBA 2015 Summer League Player Info Jordan Crawford, - NBA 2015 Summer League Player Info and Matt Stainbrook are all involved in trying to make the league this summer.

The life of a college basketball student manager
We've talked before about how hard it is to be walk-ons or JV players in a league that focuses only the rotation players on the varsity. Even the walk-ons and junior varsity guys get uniforms though, these guys don't. Every team, from the NAIA to the Duke Blue Devils, relies on someone to pick up sweaty towels, fill water jugs and cups, clean up messes, do the laundry, and all other manner of work that no one else wants.

Michigan State's Tom Izzo 'disappointed' in Alvin Ellis III after charges
Michigan State’s Alvin Ellis III cited for alcohol-related offenses | CollegeBasketballTalk
Alcohol is an issue for a lot of people who haven't reached legal age yet, but not all of those people are throwing away a chance to play for Michigan State when they do it.

Video shows punch that resulted in arrest of FSU QB De'Andre Johnson -
Florida State Seminoles QB De'Andre Johnson dismissed by program after video shows him striking woman at bar
A couple things everyone should be aware of: 1. Don't ever hit a woman if you're a man. 2. Someone always has a camera. This isn't strictly college basketball related, but get it together guys. The only good thing to come from this incident is this super oblivious quote from the FSU president "Florida State University was forged from an outstanding college for women and has a long tradition of being a caring community that demands students be treated with dignity and respect." Right.

Watch Ole Miss' Andy (and Randy) Kennedy promote ticket sales - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
This guy used to coach UC. Instead of retaining him, they went the way of Mick Cronin's sanctimony and tedious mediocrity. Kennedy can't beat Xavier either, but at least he's amusing.

Five offseason questions: Missouri Valley Conference -
The Wichita State Paper Tigers have dominated the MVC regular season for the last two years and received a lot of national attention for it. Despite that, the league hasn't made noise in March since Wichita was still an underdog. That doesn't look likely to change this year.