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Tuesday News and Notes

CBS releases a genuinely stupid set of rankings and Coach K is just as awkward and occasionally creepy as you are.

A fit for Xavier?
A fit for Xavier?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Khalid Lewis will transfer from La Salle | CollegeBasketballTalk
Lewis isn't a world beater, but Xavier does have a spot open for a year and he needs a spot for a year. Would he be worth using that final scholarship?

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski felt 'petrified' asking Beyonce for a photo -
Apparently even famous people occasionally get nervous. In the pantheon of the college coaches that the media incessantly fluffs, Coach K is far less a reprehensible figure than John Calipari, so stories like this aren't so grating.

Mike Krzyzewski uses secret Twitter account to spy on players | FOX Sports
He's also a little creepy. I'm not sure if he's following us, but I'm doubting it. Wouldn't it be easier for him to just insist that players allow him to follow them as a stipulation for being on the team? If Twitter malfeasance is what you are trying to avoid, that would be more easily accomplished if they knew the coach was watching.

Best in College Sports: Ohio State, L'ville, UCLA lead 2014-15 rankings -
This is stupid. Kent State, Eastern Michigan, and North Texas: those are programs that CBS considers better than Xavier. Why? Because they have football. Never mind that those three (and many others on the list) recorded no points for having a football team, CBS still puts them ahead of a Xavier team that is very successful in the other categories listed. Idiotic.

One & Done: Steven Hill made the most of his shot with the Thunder | FOX Sports
I like reading stories about people who followed the dream to an end less glamorous. This is a good one about Steven Hill and his one shot (literally) in the NBA.