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Independence Weekend News and Notes

Seton Hall is getting better while UC is thinking about maybe trying to score in the upcoming years.

Derrick Gordon follows Xavier from the A10 to the Big East
Derrick Gordon follows Xavier from the A10 to the Big East
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

First, a note. I'm ready for some actual news to start back up, and I'm sure you all are as well. Here's a tidbit to tide you over:

Seton Hall Pirates land transfers Derrick Gordon and Braeden Anderson
When the real news does start back up, it could be with the announcement that Seton Hall will be better this year. Kevin Willard somehow survived the train wreck that was last year and has added two players that will contribute right away.

NC State's Kyle Washington to transfer to Cincinnati -
UC also added a potential starter, but he won't be eligible until next year. Washington isn't a great fit for the rebounding and lots of fouling defense team that Mick Cronin has put together, but maybe he's realizing that to win you do have to, at least on occasion, score.

Preview of ‘The Rush Brothers’ documentary (VIDEO) | CollegeBasketballTalk
I'll confess to being a bit of sucker for a good documentary, and this one looks like it will be. If you paid attention to college basketball at all in the last 15 years, you know who the the Rush brothers are. This documentary will focus on the brother that didn't quite make it.

Flooding from storm damages Denver’s practice floor (PHOTOS) | CollegeBasketballTalk
That is not what a basketball court is supposed to look like.

Louisiana Tech reduces transfer restrictions for Xavian Stapleton | CollegeBasketballTalk
The absurd story about Louisiana Tech basically keeping Xavian Stapleton from transferring anywhere in the southern United States has reached a more intelligent finale.

Two Lanes to Accokeek -
This doesn't have anything to do with college basketball, but it is one of the most compelling longform pieces that I have read in a long time. It's an ugly story, told beautifully.