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Friday news and notes has a full no-trade clause

Larry Brown is in trouble, everyone loves leaving, and Xavier doesn't have a top 50 player.

He needs to eat so he can take his back pill.
He needs to eat so he can take his back pill.
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Today is the trade deadline in Major League Baseball! If you're an Ohio baseball fan, that means the annual official acknowledgement that your team isn't going for it this year, followed by watching them try to flip big contracts for the next batch of prospects. Hooray for small markets! Sigh...

Hoyas and Badgers Set for Clash at MSG |
It's always nice to see conference opponents scheduling well. The open secret to the Big East's success in most meaningful metrics last year was that they played well against tough teams before the conference season, lending extra weight to conference wins while making conference losses less devastating. Keeping the league at ten teams also helps.

Report: SMU's Larry Brown up against ‘lack of coach control' charge |
There was a time when a coach could be in charge of a program rife with violations and get off with a slap on the wrist by claiming he had no idea. Now the NCAA holds coaches accountable for what's going on beneath them on the flow chart, and Larry Brown - who has put two other programs on probation during his career - is in trouble at SMU.

Analyzing the transfer & commitment patterns of top 100 recruits | Luke Winn
Analyzing the movement of coaches and assistants across college hoops | Luke Winn
For all the hand-wringing from certain quarters about the "transfer epidemic" ruining the game of college basketball, it's interesting to see that coaching changes are more frequent. In any given four-year span, the number of coaching changes is over half the number of teams in D1; a full college career carries a coin toss chance of seeing your program replace the coach.

More interestingly (to me) is the amount of movement in assistant coaches. These guys are often the ones with the closest relationships to the players during recruiting. Generally speaking, the study found that assistant coaching changes far outpace player transfers or head coaching changes. No wonder players are leaving more and more frequently; they're often not finding themselves playing for the program they were promised.

The 50 Best Players in College Basketball for 2015-2016 |
No Xavier guys here. Oh well.