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July 3rd News and Notes

The NCAA spends a small fortune on legal fees but gives Emmert a raise, and the impact of Bo Ryan.

It's hard not to like this guy.
It's hard not to like this guy.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't at all a stretch to say we have hit the very center of the doldrums of college basketball news for the year. There is simply not a whole lot going on right now. Twitter (@BannersParkway) has been an interesting source of the neverending UC/Xavier arguments, but even that can get wearying after awhile. Here's the very little else that is worth knowing about.

Inside College Sports: Mark Emmert's pay, NCAA legal fees increase -
Just because there isn't a lot doesn't mean it isn't worth seeing. Most noteworthy here is the incredible fact that the NCAA spends nearly $14 million in just legal fees alone each season. Perhaps fewer arbitrary and capricious rulings would prevent some of that, but the man in charge of that caprice, Mark Emmert, just got a raise. Players who have appeared in EA Sports NCAA series games are also about to get paid. That doesn't solve the issue of why we can't get another NCAA Basketball game made.

Bo Ryan's retirement a sign that an end of a coaching era is coming sooner than we think
The coaching carousel spun quite a bit this offseason, and it seems to have come to halt with the announcement of Bo Ryan's retirement. Ignoring for a moment that retirement announcements used to come with an actual retirement, this article rightly points out that an era in coaching is coming to an end.

Success should continue at Wisconsin, even after Bo Ryan -
And this article shows how Bo Ryan laid the groundwork for continued success for Wisconsin. One can only hope that the Wisconsin Swing remains their main offense, or they will be come infinitely less interesting to watch.

Kentucky fans get their own dating site - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
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