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Ohio is now waiting for November

The Indians and Reds both threw in the towel and waved the white flag this week. Is there any hope on the sporting horizon?

It's not your fault, Kip.
It's not your fault, Kip.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I like to consider myself a well rounded sports fan. I'm not one of those guys who only follows NASCAR, insists American football is the only real man's game, or will only watch NBA basketball. Whatever the sporting season throws my way, I take it. Most summers that means that when the Tour de France wraps up it's time to take full stock of my favorite baseball team (the Cleveland Indians) and decide whether I'll be setting aside money for the playoff ticket raffle this year.

Well, I won't. Being swept by the White Sox has just brought an Indians season that started with Sports Illustrated picking them to win the World Series to a crashing halt. I'll still watch or listen to every game, but there is now a large gap in competitive sporting viewing to be filled. Most of you reading this are probably Reds fans, and your team isn't going anywhere either. So what to do now?

Well, there's always soccer. The EPL gets underway August 8th and the tiny teams of Europe are already trying to play their way into the Champions League. As a Chelsea fan (family is from there, before anyone starts with the accusations) the hope of repeating as champions and maybe faring well in the Champions League lends an excitement to the first couple of games. Of course, it's hard to be too excited now when the denouement of the season comes next May. Appetite whetting, yes, all consuming yet, no.

What about football? Well, college football would be fun to watch if in much the same way being a fan of a AAA baseball team would be. It's nice, but it isn't quite the real thing. That leaves us here in Ohio with either the Bengals and another first round playoff collapse on the cards, or the Browns and the realization that most Sundays will have plenty of free time for napping.

That just leaves the long march to college basketball. Xavier is holding workouts already, but it was 94 here today, and that doesn't feel like basketball weather. So, catch up on some Netflix (Daredevil is quite good), interact with other people, get some exercise in, and batten down the hatches. Here in Ohio, it's a long time until there are games that matter again.