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Monday News and Notes

Donnie Tyndall cheated and destroyed evidence and college basketball video gaming may be on the way back. Those ideas are not related.

Donnie Tyndall, probably cheating at something.
Donnie Tyndall, probably cheating at something.
Rob Foldy/Getty Images

NCAA says Southern Mississippi basketball program, former coach Donnie Tyndall committed multiple violations
Not too long ago Donnie Tyndall was the subject of a piece in Sports Illustrated about how much he just wanted to get back to coaching. Tyndall came across as somewhat sympathetic in that article, but he doesn't in this one. The level of cheating that he and his staff indulged would be surprising if Tyndall hadn't done it before. Read the whole article to come to grips with how he also destroyed evidence. Keep in mind that for every player coaches cheat to help, they take a spot from a kid who may have been doing the work himself.

NBA - Anthony Davis and John Wall are just part of Kentucky and John Calipari's stretch of NBA dominance
This is a fandom indulgence that I despise. The idea that players are great in some part because of where they went to college doesn't make a great deal of success. It's fun to follow player from the school you like, but leave it there. Trying to turn this into an exercise about programs making players just leads to the conclusion that St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron is the best NBA prep in the world.

Report: College basketball video gaming (kind of) returning -
There are two games for which I would consider buying a next generation gaming console. (I'm an Xbox guy, I know you were wondering). Fallout 4 is one of them, and a college basketball game is the other. In college Joel and I went through the painstaking process of getting correct rosters for March Madness 2004 and played the game for hours. This seems like the first step in finally getting back to that.

Following acquittal Brunson discusses son’s recruitment to Villanova | CollegeBasketballTalk
The words "following acquittal" on a basketball site always generate a bit of interest. This is a bizarre story, but it ends with a five star recruit at Villanova.

Memphis transfer Austin Nichols commits to Virginia -
Only Virginia comes out of this mess looking good.