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Xavier's third-most un-clutch moment of 2014-2015

Myles ended up as the last guy with the ball as an ugly scramble ended an ugly game.

It was tough sledding for Myles against St. John's athletic guards.
It was tough sledding for Myles against St. John's athletic guards.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The setting:

Coming off of a huge Crosstown Shootout win and a 17-point trouncing of Butler, Xavier had 48 hours to turn around and get to MSG to take on St. John's in a battle of teams perched on the bubble. This was an ugly game, with a combination of Chris Obekpa and some spotty officiating keeping Xavier's offense from getting rolling while the X defense kept St. John's from hitting the long jumpers they so dearly loved to take. Down five with 1:45 to go, Xavier got a couple of scores before Remy Abell forced D'Angelo Harrison into a turnover with 23 seconds left. After Abell lost the ball out of bounds on what looked for all the world like a shooting foul, Xavier had one last shot to take the lead.

The play:

Myles Davis missed jumper with 4 seconds remaining, -30% win probability. The ball ended up with Xavier's baldest guard and he went up with it, ending up attempting a little leaner from about eight feet out under heavy pressure. It's a little unfair to call this play un-clutch on Myles's part because he had the nerve to take it on and a different (more fair) world would have seen him heading to the line, but his shot in our universe failed to find its mark and heroism was derailed.

The outcome:

Chris Obekpa grabbed the board, the horn sounded, and that was that. Between the no-call on Remy leading to Myles's miss and the three ball that we discussed yesterday, Xavier came within a couple of breaks of beating St. John's twice. I know it's a little ungracious to play "what if" games on a Sweet 16 season, but those wins would have been nice additions to the Musketeers' resume at tournament time.

What we said at the time:

"Myles Davis has been Xavier's leading scorer in Big East play, but he was miserable tonight. The ball fell to him for a tough look with five seconds left, and he put the capper on a rough night by not being able to convert the look."