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Xavier's fourth-most un-clutch moment of 2014-2015

A bang-bang call goes the other way and Xavier ends up on the short end of a tough road game.

Not the same play, but at least the same game.
Not the same play, but at least the same game.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The setting:

Xavier had just come blitzing back from down ten to send the game into overtime on the back of their fifth-most clutch play all year. After a couple of scoreless minutes, the game began to see saw. Providence went up two, then Xavier tied it. Xavier went up two; Providence tied it on their next trip down. Providence got a stop and then came back down the floor with a chance to go ahead.

The play:

LaDontae Henton and-1 with 26 seconds left in overtime, -28% win probability. Henton careered into the lane in a manner suggestive of a player not entirely in control of himself. He and Jalen Reynolds collided and the call went to the home team even as the ball was dropping through the strings. Henton banged the free throw, suddenly putting Providence up 3 with half a minute remaining.

The outcome:

Myles Davis got half a look at the rim to tie it but couldn't get it to fall. Dee Davis made a layup later on to cut the game back to three, but a late turnover from Remy Abell short-circuited any chance of another miracle comeback. X dropped the result, but finally showing a little bit of life on the road encouraged the fan base that the Muskies might not have to sweep the conference at Cintas.

What we said at the time:

"Xavier tried to play them straight up and dare Kris Dunn and LaDontae Henton beat the vaunted Musketeers defense. They did."