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Midweek News and Notes

"If only RICO was bumping right now."
"If only RICO was bumping right now."
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The only way to let enough news and notes to pile up to actually make one of these posts worth it during the summer is to let a little time lapse between them. Of course, that raises the odds that these stories aren't exactly front line news anymore. Still, as I sit here looking at a blue/green Lake Erie, here are the things worth noting right now.

NCAA tweaks First Four rule in NCAA tournament selection process
Last year UCLA was one of the last teams in and they somehow avoided playing at Dayton and got the benefit of the terrible call to advance. That won't happen this year (the terrible calls still will, I'm sure) because the committee can now place teams as they should.

New NCAA Tournament selection process changes ignore Big Dance's biggest problem -
Of course, they didn't exactly get all the problems fixed. This is the NCAA after all.

Early look: Sizing up the Big East - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
ESPN notices that the BIg East still exists just in time to act like Xavier somehow failed when they lost to a team that KenPom had ranked #2 in the nation at the time. Still, if you want to know what the four letter network thinks of the Big East, here's your chance.

Orlando Classic field in November revealed
It's another one from ESPN and, guess what, they don't think Xavier can do much against a power like the Wichita State Paper Tigers. This is akin to acting like Xaiver should have been ranked in the top 10 because they swept Fordham and Rhode Island each year.

Ten coaches who could be hot commodities come April
Of course, Coach Mack is the number two coach on this list. If only he coached a major school. Like maybe one that made the Sweet 16 on a regular basis, always sold out it's home arena, and played in one of the top tow basketball conferences in the nation. Imagine if that school only had basketball as a major sport, too. Wouldn't that be cool?

We asked college basketball coaches if they like the rap music played at AAU events -
This is just a good read. It comes as no surprise that John Calipari likes Drake, because of course two media created hacks would, but the revelation that Coach K likes Meek Mill is a bit of a stunner.