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Xavier’s fifth-most clutch moment of 2014-2015

A storming comeback on the road gave Xavier fans hope that the Muskies could handle business away from Cintas.

What a hero might look like.
What a hero might look like.
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The setting:

Xavier was off to a 3-3 start in Big East play, carrying a disappointing loss DePaul and thumpings from Butler and Villanova into the game at Providence. The Muskies weren't categorically on the ropes, but they hadn't looked good early on in the conference and the annual Thanksgiving disappointment wasn't that far in the rear view. Another flat showing at Providence would have been a real gut punch for X and the fans.

Down 59-49 with 3:12 remaining, it looked like that's what the Musketeers were heading for. Then Trevon Bluiett hit a couple of FT, Myles hit a three, and the defense started getting some stops. With Xavier down four and just over a minute left on the clock, Jalen Reynolds unburdened Carson Desrosiers of the ball and raced down the floor for a dunk. Now down just a basket, Xavier still needed a stop and a score to complete the comeback.

The play:

Myles Davis made layup with 28 seconds remaining in regulation, +18% win probability. Perhaps inspired by Jalen's display, Myles Davis dispossessed Kyron Cartwright and stormed in for the layup that tied the game at 60-60, completing an 11-1 run over the course of 2:44 to tie the game.

The outcome:

History is written in retrospect (obviously), so we look back at the ensuing overtime period and say that Xavier was clearly gassed by the effort it took to climb back into the game. Had a couple of bounces gone the other way in OT, we would have called it Providence being deflated by blowing the lead and Xavier being buoyed by the comeback. Such is life in the Big East though, and Xavier ended up taking a 69-66 loss. None of that should take away from either the comeback or the clutch nature of Myles's steal and score to send the game to OT.

What we said at the time:

"Speaking of people who showed up in the second half, Myles Davis made a couple of big shots down the stretch... the huge plays he made down the stretch, including the game tying steal and lay-in, added to his legend of warming to the big moments."

We've started the series with four moments that came in four different losses, which I understand is kind of a bummer. Don't worry, tomorrow we'll start putting numbers in the win column.