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Monday news and notes is recruiting against Matta

Plus First Four changes, DePaul, and our suffering on your behalf.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Markelle Fultz a major commodity | ($)
This one is behind the paywall, so I'm not going to give away the whole story, but suffice it to say that (a) Coach Mack is all over Markelle Fultz and (b) so are a lot of other big programs, including Arizona, Louisville, UK, Duke, and Ohio State. My guy Kings of the Queen City has a gut feeling that Fultz is going to end up playing his home games at Cintas. I hope he's right; he and/or fellow Xavier/UK/OSU target Kobi Simmons are the kind of players that make a program special. Landing one of them would be huge for Coach Mack.

NCAA adjusts process of selecting First Four participants |
Name the number one thing wrong with the previous First Four process. If you said the potential of an NCAA tournament home game, you are correct. Top marks to the NCAA for changing the First Four process without addressing the biggest issue.

Guns vs. Butter: Did the Villanova Board of Trustees Get It Right? |
This post has nothing to do with guns or butter. Instead, it talks about renovations going on at Villanova, particularly how the school chose student housing over a modern, on-campus arena. 'Nova is obviously a pretty darn good program with their current setup, but this should serve to remind us just how good the Cintas Center is for X.

Dave Leitao talks second tenure at DePaul, recruiting nationally & more |
Leitao is almost a literal retread at DePaul and was something of a surprising choice for a second stint as the head man of the program. He comes off in this interview as a man well aware of the fact that he has just jumped into the very deep end of the pool. If he can get DePaul back on the national radar, he'll have pulled off a miracle that I for one would not have guess possible.

Finally, local sports coverage people suffer for you: