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Semaj could have played on the most loaded Xavier team ever

Last year very nearly featured a Xavier team for the ages.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you've been following along in our comments sections - which you should be, because our commenters are awesome - this is going to seem like a serious non sequitor to you. Bear with me though. I put Drew Lavender on the roster as the backup for our (currently) completely imaginary Xavier Basketball Tournament dream team. As is often the case with things of this nature, there was some discussion in the comments section regarding which of the many highly-qualified candidates would actually be the best for the team.

One thing that spun off of that was that I wish we could have gotten to see Semaj play on a team as loaded as the one that Drew Lavender did during his time at Xavier. The thing is, he almost did.

How? Well, the first piece of the puzzle is that Semaj stays in school. He can't play on the team if he's not, you know, on the team.

From there, we hop into the DeLorean and pick up a couple of talented but troubled (though in one case not entirely of his own doing) wings. Dez Wells decides on Netflix and an early bed time, Justin Martin devotes more (or any) of his time to his studies, and the roster is beginning to come together.

Obviously, doing a little bit of history renovating is going to have deeper impacts on the roster. With Martin and Wells on the roster, it's doubtful that Xavier ever reaches Kamall Richards's way in the 2013 class. With Semaj, JMart, and Dez all on board for last season, the full roster is suddenly three players too strong. LAJ took JMart's scholarship, so we'll assume he was never there. Without Semaj leaving, Brandon Randolph sees the writing on the wall a year early and also heads out.

That leaves one more spot. Realistically, Trevon Bluiett probably doesn't sign on to be the third string small forward behind Martin and Wells. Say he does though, and Xavier instead passes on Makinde London. Think about the team you've just set up.

Point guards are Semaj and Dee. Playing the two are Remy and Myles, with JP Macura understudying both there and on the wing. Running the three and stretch four positions is a combination of Dez Wells, Justin Martin, and Trevon Bluiett. Your big men are Stainbrook, Farr, and Reynolds while Sean O'Mara gets his reps in the weight room and grabs court time when he can. Ed Sumner redshirts from day one. That's a roster that legitimately has a pool of 11 players from which to pick your starters.

Was there ever a chance that was actually going to come to fruition? No. But all of those guys carried Xavier scholarships that were at one time good for the 2014-2015 season. That means that there is a theoretical universe out there somewhere in which that squad played together, and I for one would have loved to see it.