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Tuesday news and notes could totally shut down Steph Curry

Plus rules change for men and women and Murray State continues its slide back to irrelevance.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Matthew Dellavedova is getting a decent amount of press for being able to slow down Steph Curry, but he didn't totally shut him out. That happened once when Curry was in college, and Jimmy Patsos, the head coach who blanked Curry, tells the story of how that came to be.

The NCAA officially voted to adopt some rules changes in college basketball; Rumble in the Garden has the best breakdown of the changes that I've seen anywhere. I've already said that I'm afraid a shorter shot clock will lead to less offense, not more; I guess now we'll be able to see for sure. I hope I'm wrong.

Iowa State has replaced Fred Hoiberg with Murray State's Steve Prohm. Last year, Murray State made some waves by ripping off a couple of dozen consecutive wins against a pretty weak schedule before coming up one win short of having a chance to make any of it matter. Now they've lost their top player in Cameron Payne and their head coach. Could be some dark days ahead for Murray.

Maybe this is a test balloon before a change is mad in men's basketball, maybe not. For what it's worth, I prefer two 20-minute halves to anything involving quarters, but it is true that pretty much every other organized level of basketball plays by quarters. The winds of change are always blowing, I suppose.