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Monday News and Notes didn't cheat in college

Allen Iverson committed a basketball assassination, UNC cheated on a grand scale but won't be punished, and Mark Cuban flashes the cash.

Don't lean, Tyronn!
Don't lean, Tyronn!
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

14 years ago today, Allen Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue - Big East Coast Bias
The embedded Vine here remains my favorite play in NBA history. As has been covered here, I don't watch a lot of NBA, but I always loved Allen Iverson to the point of owning I3s in every color they were made. His basketball murder of Tyronn Lue was a victory for everyone who liked the emerging new way of playing the game.

North Carolina academic scandal will end quietly, just like everyone wanted -

Why do I sense a sigh of relief from UNC coming out of Chapel Hill? -

NCAA charges UNC with lack of institutional control, extra benefits -

The gist of all of that is that UNC was running a degree mill. The Tar Heels either attended easy classes, didn't attend class, got credit for fake classes, or just didn't bother at all and graduated anyway. It was cheating at every level and as an institutional practice. There will, of course, not be much done.

North Carolina Tar Heels finalizing coach Roy Williams' contract extension
Seems about right.

Mark Cuban's gift to provide Indiana Hoosiers with new video center
Mark Cuban inspires a lot of different emotions in people, but it's hard to say he isn't generous. Indiana will benefit from Cuban's $5 million donation of a state of the art 3D camera and virtual reality center. More than just being flash, it will give Indiana coaches a chance to view game film from almost every possible angle.

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit brought by former college athletes against TV networks and NCAA conferences
This wasn't as big a suit as the O'Banion one, and it has now gone by the wayside. According to the judge "plaintiffs didn't show that they are entitled to be compensated for playing in televised games." In short, you can't get paid just because you show up on tv.