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Recruiting, linear time still tricky subjects for UC fans

Oh boy...

I love all of everything in this picture.
I love all of everything in this picture.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting is kind of like dining out; once you've made your selection, you don't really care about what else is on the menu. So when Xavier got a commitment from 2016 PF Tyrique Jones, that pretty much closed the book on pursuing too many other 2016 PFs. That slot is taken. That concept eluded some UC fans who (for whatever reason) follow us on Twitter:

Ah yes, what a coup for UC! Once there was no more room on the depth chart at Xavier for Nysier Brooks, they beat the Muskies to him! Man, if Jalen Reynolds jumps to the pros, Makinde London gets hurt, RaShid Gaston converts to Mormonism and immediately takes his mission, Kaiser Gates decides to pursue his dream of majoring in interpretive dance, and Tyrique Jones is abducted by aliens, we're really going to rue not grabbing Brooks!

[It should be noted at this point that I bear no ill will towards Brooks beyond the fact that he committed to UC. One more young man is going to get part of a free education; good for him and good for America!]

Anyway, I was mowing my lawn and had nothing better to do (beyond not running over my toes), so I responded. Pretty soon (and pretty predictably), the UC fans brought to bear what they consider their big guns:


Those are the '61 and '62 national championship banners that hang... somewhere for UC. Those are not Division 1 tournament championship banners, by the way, but that's another story altogether. The best part of this is that those banners are the thing that UC fans are holding onto for relevance... and the team that won it the next year is Loyola Chicago.

If your trump card involves an accomplishment that Loyola Chicago - who hasn't sniffed the tournament in 30 years - achieved more recently, you're grasping at straws. Stay you, UC fans. If you ever changed, I might have to engage my brain - or at least turn off my mower - to point out how ridiculous you are.