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Catching up on Xavier's summer

Been watching baseball, getting back in shape, or cleaning up after the incessant rain? Here's your chances to get caught up on what's going on with Xavier.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Summer is generally a time for baseball, outdoor fitness, and enjoying warm nights three feet of rain. Those activities, plus pumping your basement every other day, don't leave a lot of time for keeping up with what is going on in college basketball. Now it's time for cookouts, fireworks, and celebrating the birth of our nation. (And now a Women's World Cup Final for the USA). If you haven't been able to stay completely up to date with the Xavier Musketeers, here are the main stories as we approach the 4th of July.

1. RaShid Gaston joins the team

Gaston is a transfer from Norfolk State who won't be eligible until next year. That aside, he represents a major get for Coach Mack and his staff. Gaston went for 15.5/9.6/1.4 last year and is an absolute monster on the glass, ranking in the top 60 in both offensive and defensive rebounding rate.

2. Matt Stainbrook goes undrafted...but signs for two summer league teams

The Stain Train was Xavier's undisputed MVP last season, but his rather unorthodox playing style and body shape doesn't lend itself to the NBA game. Despite that, Matt did get contracts to play in the summer league for both the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors. Thanks to the staggered schedule, he'll be able to play for both squads in an attempt to catch the eye of a team needing a big man.

3. Tyrique Jones verbally commits

Do you like dunks? Of course you do. You don't like them as much as Tyrique Jones does though. Jones is a 6-8, 225 power forward who attacks the glass and the rim with abandon. Jones has almost no game outside the paint, but he hasn't needed it to this point in his career. Right now, think of Travis Taylor with a bit more weight. Sounds good, right?

4. A look at these players moving forward

One of the difficult things about knowing what to think about your team moving forward is not knowing how guys are going to progress. Using Ken Pomeroy's player scores, Joel took each player and looked at how they compare with other players with like skills. Of special note was the potential breakout season on the horizon for Myles Davis, and a bit of pall cast over Jalen Reynolds.