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Tuesday news and notes says hello and goodbye

X adds a burly glue guy, a HOF quality coach is edging towards retirement, and non-conference scheduling is or isn't a big deal.

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Thanks for beating UK.
Thanks for beating UK.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Forward Tyrique Jones joins for 2016 |
Xavier lands 2016 power forward Tyrique Jones |
Xavier gets commitment from three-star forward in Class of 2016 |
A Closer Look: Tyrique Jones |
Obviously the biggest Xavier news of the day. Brad gets the ball rolling by reporting Jones's strengths and weaknesses as well as where he slots in for Xavier. The article reveals a little bit more about his recruiting and has a couple of nice quotes.

NBCsports has some numbers on Jones - averages of 7 and 7, plus 1.5 steals and 1.3 blocks per game. Finally, runs the anchor leg with some good background information on Jones from back when Providence was recruiting him. Xavier landed a good one here.

Much to my dad's chagrin, the Bo Ryan era is finally approaching a close:

Ryan is a heck of a coach and a refreshingly straight talker with the media. NCAA basketball will be diminished for the departure of Ryan when he finally hangs up the clipboard.

Advanced Stats: The Non-Conference Scheduling Debate |
This is a long read but worth your time. The basic question it seeks to answer is whether or not lining up a tough non-conference schedule really helps a team in terms of performance down the road. I know we'd all like to see more good games on Xavier's docket; here's a whole ton of data and analysis regarding whether or not it would help X advance.

Jon Rothstein thinks Xavier is on the medal stand in the Big East:

God bless Rothstein; I bust his chops on a regular basis on Twitter and he is always gracious in his interaction. I'm not sure his analysis is a cut above anything else you can find out there, but I'm inclined to pimp his work just because he's such a decent dude online.