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Forward Tyrique Jones joins for 2016

A 6-8, 225 power forward joins the Musketeers for 2016.

Coach Mack has been hard at work adding future talent
Coach Mack has been hard at work adding future talent
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrique Jones is a 6-8, 225 pound big body forward who is fearless around the rim and explosive in traffic. If you think that sounds like the kind of guy that only a power conference team with a national pedigree can get, you're right, and that's why the 2016 recruit has verbally committed to Xavier. UConn, Kansas State, VCU, and UC had all made offers, but the big man went with Coach Mack and the Musketeers. Here's what he brings to the table.


High motor, athletic, relentless on the glass. That sounds like transfer RaShid Gaston and it gives Xavier a frontcourt loaded with guys who get at the rim and use their size to pound for rebounds. Jones is also good moving in the open floor, willing to trail breaks for stickbacks or opportunities to throw down a dunk. It should be noted that Jones preferred method of scoring is dunking. He dunks everything, he dunks early, and he dunks often.


The last sentence of the strengths. Jones dunks likes a complete savage, but that's about the extent of his offensive game right now. Even his highlight mixtape (see below) doesn't feature a jumpshot or even much in the way of a layup. If it isn't a dunk, Tyrique struggles. Right now he seems like a reasonable comp to Travis Taylor.


Three stars at ESPN, three stars from Scout, and in the Rival top 150. That makes a compelling resume for a guy growing into basketball and who already possess a fearsome repertoire around the rim. Jones has a year to develop some offensive game, but it's not hard to imagine him making an impact at times as a freshman. Find him on Twitter @TyriqueJones_