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Weekend News and Notes

Xavian Stapleton in action against Syracuse, a school he actually could transfer to.
Xavian Stapleton in action against Syracuse, a school he actually could transfer to.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Proposal seeks tougher NCAA academic integrity policies
Anyone want to be that these won't just be more arbitrarily applied, mostly toothless punishments? Didn't think so. Until the NCAA starts hitting schools where it matters (in the wallet) nothing is going to curb academic or recruiting cheating, certainly not the temporary banishment of staff.

Former Concordia College assistant coach Kevin Shaw shot before fatal crash
You'll have to follow the link embedded in this link to get the full story, but this is absolutely bizarre. There are certainly more details still to come, but currently this story reads like something from a James Bond script. Unfortunately, in this case the car wreck didn't end with a simple fixing of the shirt and walking away.

Looking ahead: Georgetown Hoyas - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
Georgetown had a bit of an up and down year last season. This preview suggests that this year they have the potential to challenge Villanova for the conference crown. DSR, of course, remains the key to the Hoyas season.

No one has produced more NBA Draft talent than Duke in the modern era -
Far more interesting to Xavier fans is the fact that, in the last 28 years, a small school in southern Ohio ranks 44th. Trailing Xavier are Villanova, Purdue, Notre Dame, Gonzaga, and Wisconsin just to name a few.

Louisiana Tech bans basketball player from 55 schools -
This is just spite at its very finest. If not for the fact that this kid now has no chance to continue playing near home, this would be funny. LaTech has apparently chose cruelty as the path forward. All this for a guy who started a single game last year. This would be the equivalent of Xavier prohibiting Brandon Randolph from transferring to Toledo, just because they could.

5-star guard Jamal Murray picks Kentucky over Oregon -
UK gets 6 drafted, and it's another June championship for Coach Cal -

Why is it another June championship for Calipari? Because he can't win them in March and April.