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2015 NBA draft: Matt Stainbrook undrafted

It's now summer league or overseas for Matt.

It's okay, Matt.
It's okay, Matt.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The night came and went last night without Matt Stainbrook hearing his name called. This comes as little surprise to the big man, as he had stated before the draft that he was anticipating having to fight for a summer league invitation.

Stainbrook's most likely landing spots remain the teams that invited him in for workouts: both LA teams, Atlanta, Phoenix, Boston, Houston, Charlotte, and Golden State. If Stainbrook does not stick with a roster through the summer league, following the well-beaten path of Xavier players headed to Europe will be his best bet.

It was not a banner night all in all for the Big East, which broke a streak of 16 consecutive lotteries with at least one player selected. This also marked the first year in the league's history in which it did not have a player selected in the first round.

Dee Davis was also not selected despite sitting first overall on my personal big board.