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Thursday News and Notes

RaShid Gaston is officially a Musketeer and declaring underclassmen get a vital reprieve in the NBA Draft process.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Norfolk State Hoops Standout RaShid Gaston Transfers To Xavier - Xavier University Official Athletic Site
This is the official announcement of RaShid Gaston joining X. We broke down his strengths and weaknesses here last week, and he looks set to be yet another impact transfer in a recent program history that is full of them.

RaShid Gaston is coming to Xavier - Banners On The Parkway
Basically, Gaston provides another big body with significant rebounding potential that can score inside. He posts rebounding numbers that compare favorably with those of Jalen Reynolds. No, the competition level isn't as high, but that's still impressive.

Chris Obekpa opts to transfer out of St. John's -- again -
Chris Obekpa will transfer for his final year of eligibility - Rumble In The Garden
Red Storm fans keep being forced to convince themselves that things that are objectively bad are somehow good. Chris Mullin may be a New York Legend but, so far, that hasn't translated into much more then a long string of departures.

NCAA proposes new NBA draft rule to allow underclassmen to return to school
This is the probably the most interesting piece of general news to come out today. Underclassmen can now essentially find out just where they will go in the draft before they have to make a final decision on whether they will formally declare. This is exactly the kind of thing that could have kept Semaj Christon in Xavier colors for another year. Whether that would have been beneficial to the team or player or not is possibly up for debate, but it certainly would have added a very needed option.

Looking ahead: Villanova Wildcats - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
Here's a first look at the cream of the Big East crop. Villanova may have crashed out early last year, but they come back loaded again.