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Hump day gruffle: chili

I mean, obviously bookmark this one for the winter.

Serve in old, kind of tacky dishes.
Serve in old, kind of tacky dishes.

Sometimes there's nothing like some good ol' comfort food, and few foods are quite as comforting as chili, especially if you pair it with some cornbread. Of course, there are also plenty of chili recipes out there that can leave you in a decent amount of discomfort. It's all up you on the spice level; I'm just getting you started with the framework here.

4 lbs ground beef 
2 lbs pork 
3 cans chili beans 
3 cans black beans 
168 oz crushed tomato 
16 oz Louisiana hot sauce 
12 jalapeños
1 red onion
1 lb cheddar cheese 
Sour cream
6 oz chili powder
2 oz dried minced onion
2 oz cumin
Salt and cayenne pepper

So obviously we're making a bunch of chili. The first step is to take your pork and chop it up into little chunks and then brown it all. Set it aside and then brown the ground beef. Put both meats into your biggest pot over low heat, then add the canned goods, hot sauce, and spices. Stir to combine.

Cut eight of the jalapeños into rings and add them to the simmering chili. Dice the other four and the red onion to garnish when you serve. Grate the cheddar cheese and put it back into the fridge. You want to leave the chili on low heat all day, stirring occasionally to let the magic happen and avoid burning it to the bottom of the pot.

When it's chow time, scoop it into a bowl and garnish with sour cream, jalapeños, diced red onion, and cheese. Eat. Repeat literally ad nauseum.