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Thursday News and Notes: I Can See Why They Hired You

A Banners favorite sits down with who may be our new favorite whipping boy.

How many times did UCLA beat you last year? No, I'm sorry, the answer is two.
How many times did UCLA beat you last year? No, I'm sorry, the answer is two.
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Q&A: DePaul's Dave Leitao rebuilding in return to Blue Demons

We are fans of most of what John Rothstein churns out here at Banners, seeing as he is typically level and excitable, but not overly prone to sensationalism. Here he sits down with one of the top 10 coaches in the conference, Dave Leitao, who comes across as not having a great idea of what is going on. To be fair to Dave, it caught the rest of us off guard when DePaul hired him as well, so I guess some adjustment time is to be expected.

UAB's Jerod Haase addresses non-conference scheduling issue many programs face

UAB pretty much ruined my bracket last year when they beat Iowa State, so I am really not in the mood for any of this guy's crap. A less vitriolic view of the article may be that mid-majors are still struggling to tangle with bigger teams who have less to gain from the games, but UAB's trip to the Battle 4 Atlantis as well as a home date to LSU and a trip to UNC last season netted them no wins and 5 losses, including by 31 and 29 so it is hard to see what exactly his point is. He wants beat harder in non-conference? Wants to lose in front of his own fans? I don't know.

Baylor basketball forward Gathers arrested on theft charge

Few players in college ball hit the boards and ferociously or efficiently as human diesel Rico Gathers. However, what opponents have failed to do, i.e. keep him off the boards, law enforcement officials may have done. Very little information is available at this time, but this will be a story to keep an eye on as it develops as Gathers was All-Big 12 as a junior and figured to be a big piece down low for Scott Drew, who lost two guards to graduation.

Tom Izzo's contract extended through 2020-21 season

I am a fan of Coach Izzo, despite the almost constant media fawning every March. Even if you don't like him, it is hard to deny his ability or commitment to MSU. At the the end of this contract, which it is hard to see him not seeing out, he will have been there 26 seasons and surely have eclipsed 600 wins (he has 495 right now). In more immediate news, he is returning some major pieces of last year's Final Four squad and will be looking for his 8th trip there come March.

Chinanu Onuaku is shooting his free throws underhanded

Hard to argue. It worked for Ollie.