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Monday News and Notes doesn't get special treatment

This just in: athletes and large universities get a world of special treatment when they mess up.

Tickets through Xavier can get you here for a very low price.
Tickets through Xavier can get you here for a very low price.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Night at the Cincinnati Reds Set for Aug. 5 - Xavier University Official Athletic Site
If the Reds are your favorite baseball team, or if you just like watching a game, this is a great chance to do so with some of the rest of Xavier Nation. The best part? "These tickets would normally cost $32 each but because of our special evening, tickets will cost only $13.50 a piece with no additional charges for shipping or handling fees." Follow the link for ordering information.

Outside the Lines: College athletes at major programs benefit from confluence of factors to sometimes avoid criminal charges

Report: Florida, Florida State athletes more likely to avoid prosecution -

If this comes as a surprise to you, you may not have been paying attention recently. The second article is just a riff off the first, which is an incredible document by Outside the Lines. "Many of the alleged victims, mostly women, spoke to Outside the Lines on the condition their names not be revealed. They described fans who showed up at their workplaces to harass them; vulgar, sexual insults on the phone, in email and social media; and even death threats toward them and their relatives." This is a long read, but it's very well worth it to see the depth of the favorable treatment The Gift buys you.

Academic scandal leads to probation for UNC by accrediting agency -
What better way to teach that consequences are real though, then by hitting the administrations at the schools with very real punishments? SACS blusters that this is their harshest penalty, but it isn't. They could have imposed a penalty that kept the school from receiving federal funds (think student loans), but instead they went with something that looks harsh, but actually means literally nothing.

Xavier University Official Athletic Site
If you want to see more on the renovations to the Cintas Center, this is the place to do it. Hopefully, none of the changes impact the gameday atmosphere that has made Xavier one of the most difficult places  in the nation for visiting teams to win.