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Wednesday News and Notes

A travel package to Orlando, a star player that Xavier stopped is now injured, an absurd contract extension, and LeBron James is doing something almost unbelievable.

Stefan Moody, wishing he'd thought of this broken leg idea sooner.
Stefan Moody, wishing he'd thought of this broken leg idea sooner.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Fan Travel Packages Now Available for 2015 Orlando Classic - Xavier University Official Athletic Site
We'll start here. If you are wanting to see Xavier in person over Thanksgiving this year, this is the official package to do so. Thanksgiving hasn't been kind to the Musketeers, but at least this way you get a trip to Disney out of it for sure.

Ole Miss star Stefan Moody out for up to three months with leg issue -
You may recall Stefan Moody as one of the reasons that national punditry and an overwhelming majority of fans picked Ole Miss to beat Xavier in the first round this year. Instead, Xavier destroyed the Rebels, Moody went 5-18 from the floor, and I have linked to this article solely for the purpose of briefly reliving that moment.

Louisville Cardinals extend Rick Pitino's contract through 2025-26 season
This kind of contract extension is absurd. If Pitino wants to leave before then, he will. If the Cardinals want him gone before then, he will be. What's the point? Perhaps this was how Pitino got a raise, but terms were not released.

Steve Prohm not The Mayor, but he's a good hire - Men's College Basketball Blog - ESPN
The rich get richer again. Murray State was a nice story once upon a time, but they epitomize the difference between schools like Xavier that have successfully made the rise from mid-major, and those still mired below the line. Prohm parlayed that success on a lower level into a chance to coach a team that won't have to grovel for a chance to go dancing each year.

Dick Vitale agrees to contract extension with ESPN
Please just retire.

LeBron James and the Warriors are all playing very unlike themselves -
It's not possible to entirely ignore the NBA Finals, and to watch even tangentially is to realize that LeBron James is doing something akin to working a basketball miracle. Set aside any aesthetic issues you may have with the way the game is played at the professional level and you'll realize that the finals are playing out like a show you can't afford to miss.