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Why the NBA Finals are awesome

Ohio against the world right?

LeBron looks best in a Cavs uniform.
LeBron looks best in a Cavs uniform.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit, I am an NBA fan. It started with me as a kid living in North Carolina during the same time as the Hornets. My love of the league fell asleep when my team bolted for New Orleans, but reemerged during my college years thanks to my friends from Cleveland. My love somehow grew last year when I moved to the Portland area and got caught up in the Trailblazer madness (Rip City!). Despite the ups and downs, I love the league and I love watching it.  Recently, Joel and Brad wrote two articles pertaining to the NBA (and both are great reads I might add), so in response, I am writing down my own viewpoint. Be aware that this is extremely biased.

So why love the NBA? Let me give you a quick story. I live right outside of Portland and for Christmas my brother got me a ticket to a Trailblazers and Wizards game. That night I was treated to a back and forth game with 48 minutes of excitement. The game was close and played by two highly talented teams. But the best part? I watched Damian Lillard and John Wall go at it for most of the game. The two 24 year old guards are two of the best in the game and watching them challenge, cross over, and out shoot each other. By the end of the night, Wall had 25 points but Lillard had 20 and the win. Watching those two players show off their talent absolutely made my night, and the game still had Lamarcus Aldridge, Paul Pierce, and Bradley Beal.

Paul Pierce was a standout at Kansas. Wall at Kentucky. Steph Curry turned heads during his time at Davidson. Simply put, the NBA is the best of the best in basketball. Now not every college star transitions well to the NBA, but if you want to watch the best players from college continue to play against the best players, watch the NBA and enjoy. I always have a soft spot for Xavier legend David West every time I see him play and I was crushed when Jabari Parker went down with an injury.

Another reason to love the NBA is the access. I realize that this is not unique to the NBA, but I personally love the league's website and how much content the teams and league posts. If you want to know about a player or a game, you absolutely have access. Constant interviews and analysis are waiting for you if you so choose. Like I said, the NBA is not unique in this regard, but there's something immensely enjoyable about watching a Thursday night game and replaying highlights during the commercial breaks.

Now having that access is great, but you have to have the exciting plays to rewatch. Lucky for us, this years finals matchup is loaded with talent. LeBron and the Cavs are taking on Steph Curry and the Warriors. Two of the top players, and most talented, in the league are squaring off in a best of 7 series. Neither team had much going for them just a few years ago, so their fanbases are hungry and so are the players. If you're looking for a reason to watch the NBA finals, look no further then the talent of the players. Yes, the NBA does not have the same kind of excitement of college basketball, but the talent and skill that is on display is something to behold.

So get ready for Thursday night, and enjoy the NBA finals.