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Monday News and Notes

Hoiberg is gone, Nolan Smith has guns drawn on him, and there is apparently a National Bobblehead Museum.

How this guy ended up with a stress aggravated condition is beyond me.
How this guy ended up with a stress aggravated condition is beyond me.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Fred Hoiberg traveling to Chicago, finalizing deal to coach Bulls -
Fred Hoiberg is expected to travel to Chicago later Monday and finalize a deal to become the next head coach of the Chicago Bulls, a source has told

Fred Hoiberg working on 5-year deal with Chicago Bulls
The Bulls are negotiating a five-year deal with Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg to become their next head coach with the expectation it will get done by the middle of next week at the latest.

This was probably the worst kept secret in basketball. It's unfortunate that Hoiberg didn't stay, but it's hard to fault him (though if you read the comments of those articles you'll find people doing just that). Money and prestige go a long way.

3-Point Shot: Conf. meetings, Mick back - ESPN Video
Have your days been missing some misplaced sanctimony? Have you found yourself wondering what someone who thought he was perfect would have to say in any given situation? Well, have no fear, St. Mick is back to make excuses, be a hypocrite, and coach the second best team in the city.

Nolan Smith says police pulled gun on him, then asked for autograph
All other considerations aside here, who wants Nolan Smith's autograph? That said, this and the incident involving the Arkansas State player who punched a police officer speak to the tension pervading culture right now.

Villanova piccolo player gets her own bobblehead in national museum
And, in the truly sublime, the crying piccolo player will now be (sort of) immortalized via the National Bobblehead Museum. That is a real place, and this is a real thing. What an odd way to extend your 15 minutes of fame.