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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Where we ponder the greatest mysteries in the universe

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good Saturday morning everyone. Welcome to another edition of SMCBQ (great acronym ever right?). Today we're going to talk about the greatest issues facing mankind, so buckle up. It's May and it's hot, so answer these questions to start your day before you go outside and don't touch a computer for the whole afternoon.

1.) What do you have planned this weekend?

2.) Best beer/drink that you've had recently?

3.) With Xavier's graduation a week away, what advice would you like to give to the class of 2015?

4.) Do you like oatmeal?

5.) There's been a lot of drawings posted recently of how Xavier's campus will look in the near future. If they let you change (either add, move, or get rid) of something on campus, what would you choose to do?

As always, leave your answers in the comments below. Have a great Saturday and enjoy the sunny weekend. AMDG.