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Wednesday News and Notes thinks players are people too

Damion Lee has fulfilled all his obligations, but that's not good enough for Dana O'Neil
Damion Lee has fulfilled all his obligations, but that's not good enough for Dana O'Neil
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari of Kentucky Wildcats says he won't use platoon playing-time system again
It simply isn't possible to have a college basketball discussion right now without John Calipari forcing himself into it. According to him: "most people didn't think we would ever win 38 straight to start the year, set a record for wins in a season and have seven players drafted, it's amazing people could try to use that against us, but I guess you have to come up with something." His theory is that people didn't like the platooning. My theory is that people don't like him or the blatant and unfettered disrespect he shows opponents.

College basketball's graduate transfer system needs to be changed now
It doesn't, of course, but Dana O'Neil is the latest to say that the basic human right of deciding where and when to play your basketball is another one that the NCAA should strip from its chattel players. Graduate players are allowed to transfer because they have already graduated. They've lived up to every letter of the contract they signed to get a scholarship. The coach has gotten the four years (generally) out of a player that he bargained for when he signed him as a freshman. They aren't breaking any rules, the coaches aren't cheating, and this isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Yes, it stung when Mark Lyons left, but he absolutely earned the right to do so.

J.D. Collins named NCAA national coordinator of men's basketball officiating
The officiating last year was horrendous. JD Collins of the MAC now steps into the gap to try and fix that. MAC games weren't notable for their incredible referees last year, so it's hard to imagine things getting better unless Collins is willing to enforce some freedom of motion rules.

R.J. Hunter looks to go from NCAA Tournament darling to NBA player -
He wasn't quite good enough to beat Xavier, but this is a really interesting look at RJ Hunter's game as it translates to the NBA.