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Tuesday News and Notes has more on the Mack rumors

"Get out there and create ha-... mayhem!"
"Get out there and create ha-... mayhem!"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gators had prepared for coach Billy Donovan's departure
Florida is all the talk right now, but it turns out they had known this was coming. With plenty of time to prepare one has to assume that they had a list ready and were working on it. For tampering reasons, coaches couldn't be approached until Donovan had actually gone, but the Gators were ready.

Search to Replace Billy Donovan May Be Short - Team Speed Kills
This article pretty much confirms that. Florida has been vetting potential candidates, on some level, for awhile now. That should speed the process and, hopefully, end the suspense for Xavier fans.

Report: Chris Mack at "top of the list" to replace Billy Donovan at Florida; Ed Cooley a "sleeper" - Big East Coast Bias
First off, how on earth is Ed Cooley on this list at all? He's a clear step down from almost any other name I've heard mentioned. The Mack rumors are not going to end until this thing is resolved. Bunker down, Musketeer fans, because until the Gators name another coach, Mack is going to be the name everyone expects to hear.

Even with Shaka Smart, Texas can't take 'HAVOC' slogan from VCU -
Yes, HAVOC is legally protected. I'm not sure what that means Smart will call his signature style now, but the Rams will continue to own HAVOC. If Smart's Texas teams cause any actual havoc, he'll have to call it something else.

Mo Alie-Cox of VCU Rams arrested for misdemeanor assault
This is probably not what either Smart or VCU have in mind. Once again, a college basketball player has been arrested for violence against a woman.

Former Kentucky center changes name to Willie Trill Cauley-Stein -
From the theatre of the truly sublime comes this. Young men with a lot of free time and a lot of money should probably be very heavily supervised.