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Matching last season: offensive rebounding

Free points can be had on the offensive glass.

Probably just grabbed a miss here.
Probably just grabbed a miss here.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Inasmuch as defense ends when the board is secured, the offensive possession isn't really over as long as the ball is still up for grabs. Xavier got 11.6% of their shots at the rim on stickbacks last season, shooting 66% on those shots. They also grabbed 31.3% of their own misses, which was basically national average last year. This was another place where they started the season hot but really tailed off in conference play.

What did we lose?

Once again, Dee Davis was not part of the team's strategy here. His OReb% of 1.3% is indicative of a strategic decision to not send him to the glass when a Xavier shot went up, to say nothing of the fact that he was 6'0" in heels and generally not physically suited to running at the offensive glass.

Matt Stainbrook, of course, was a different story. His OReb% of 9.6% shows that he was not only often in position to grab a miss but had the wherewithal to secure the board. That OReb% was good for 328th in the country.

Can we replace it?

Once again James Farr and Jalen Reynolds took Matt Stainbrook's exemplary work on the glass and did it one better. Farr put up an OReb% of 11% and Reynolds boasted an 11.9% mark, both of which were in the top 200 in the country. Sean O'Mara is an interesting name here, because his 11% OReb% is actually higher than the number he put up on the defensive glass. The dude has a body that's hard for an opponent to move and a nose for the basketball; keep an eye on him on the offensive glass as someone who can help Xavier take a step up from where they landed last year.