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Sunday News and Notes is definitely not drunk

We may not be drunk, but the same can't be said for Garrick Sherman.

If the world looks like this, don't tweet.
If the world looks like this, don't tweet.
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NCAA D-I board chair doesn't want O'Bannon appealed to Supreme Court
Stunningly, the NCAA manages to be incredibly out of touch even when psuedo-agreeing with what has happened. "Let me say, $5,000 is not that different from the numbers we're all declaring relative to cost of attendance. Some of us said $2,500, $3,000, $3,500, $4,000." Yes, the chair thinks that $2,500 was a reasonable to recompense athletes for names, images, and likenesses and cost of attendance.

National Association for Coaching Equity and Development condemns new NCAA eligibility standards
Speaking of out of touch, the NACED thinks that this: Beginning with the 2016 class, athletes must have 10 of their 16 core credit courses fulfilled in their first three years of high school while maintaining a 2.3 GPA is too strict a standard for athletes entering college to be eligible. I'll leave that without comment.

More Uber questions for Matt Stainbrook. I'm not sure that any Xavier athlete will hold the enduring popularity at the school that Matt seems destined for.

Former Michigan State, Notre Dame center goes on epic Twitter rant
This is well worth reading. Garrick Sherman's points may be valid, but he surely picked a unique way to make them. Here's a thought: if you are going to get drunk, turn your phone over to a designated Twitterer. It's the new DD.

My preseason Top 25 ballot (plus 25 more) - Jeff Goodman Blog - ESPN
Xavier lands at 27th with this "Projected starting lineup: G Myles Davis, SG Remy Abell, F J.P. Macura, F Trevon Bluiett, C Jalen Reynolds" as a projected lineup. I like that, other than the fact there isn't a point guard and that's not at all a large team. There's more, but you'll have to click through to the pay wall to see it.