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June is a quiet period for basketball recruiting

...too quiet.
...too quiet.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

We flatter ourselves to think that you've noticed we're covering more recruiting here than ever before. People told us they wanted to see more of that on these pages, and we're nothing if not shackled to the preferences of our constituents.

You've probably also noticed that June has been a popular month for recruits to schedule visits to the Xavier campus. That's not a coincidence, as it turns out. June is what the NCAA terms a quiet period (it actually runs from May 29 through July 6). What this means is that any sort of off-campus contact or evaluation is strictly prohibited. Coaches are still allowed to contact players via written or electronic communications, but actually seeing them off of the school grounds is a big no-no.

Obviously coaches aren't just going to sit around and twiddle their thumbs during this time, so they try to schedule as many campus visits as possible during the quiet period to keep recruiting momentum alive. Players can receive offers and verbally commit during this time as well. We'll keep you posted on things as they develop, and we promise not to charge you a dime.