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Where do you want Matt Stainbrook to go?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Sunday morning and I'm apparently full of questions. One thing about Matt Stainbrook's future we know for sure:

That Suns card is awesome. Here's what else we know, kind of:

I'm as casual as an NBA fan can possibly be, so I'll break down what little I know. The Warriors are awesome because they have Steph Curry and the Klay guy who can also shoot really well. They seem like they'd be fun to play with. The Clippers have Chris Paul, who can get the ball where it needs to go. They also have Blake Griffin, the NBA version of Jalen Reynolds (at least as far as dunking goes).

I'll bet the Lakers would be miserable to play for because Kobe is there and all he wants to do is have the ball and glower at people. The Suns... probably don't still have Shawn Marion and Steve Nash, right?

There's also Europe, where a player of Stainbrook's skills and athleticism can cash paychecks until he's 45 without being anything but a credit to the Xavier name.